Celebrate Energy Efficiency with 356体育!
October 23

Celebrate Energy Efficiency with 356体育!

356体育 has a long history of encouraging and enhancing energy efficiency, so we were excited to celebrate Energy Efficiency Day on October 4. But we… View Article Read More

Notepad, calculator and note reading 'tax credits' depicting federal tax credits
August 25

‘Cool’ Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Homes

You may already know that the federal Residential Clean Energy Credit (also formerly referred to as ITC) can earn you a 30% deduction of total… View Article Read More

PSA Nomination
July 24

Energy Efficiency: Energy Audits and Time of Use

In our region, AC/heating costs make up around 50% of the average home electric bill. That means summer heat can be not only physically uncomfortable… View Article Read More

Woman adjusting her thermostat in her home
July 19

356体育 Offers Energy-Efficiency Tips For Summer Bill Savings

GONZALES, Texas – July 19, 2023 – As your local electric cooperative, 356体育 recognizes the importance of helping our members keep their homes as energy… View Article Read More

356体育 Ag Day in Cuero, TX
February 22

Shining the Truth on Solar

Installing solar panels and battery storage has been steadily gaining popularity as homeowners aim to take greater control of their energy production. With that growth… View Article Read More

Weather Matters 356体育 in Cuero, TX
February 15

Outdoor Temperatures, Electricity Usage and SmartHub® Self-Monitoring

What’s Driving Your Electric Bill? What’s the biggest single contributor to the cost of the average home electric bill? Any guesses? Lighting? Not even close…. View Article Read More

December 13

Give Yourself the Gift of Efficiency This Year!

During the holiday season, many people have extra expenses added into their budgets. As the weather gets colder, one of those extra expenses might include… View Article Read More

Residential Neighborhood in Winter in Cuero, TX
November 18

Winter’s on the Way!
Not Ready, You Say? Read On!

If you haven’t started prepping your home for cold weather, now’s the time! Here’s a handy, winter-prep to-do list to help get you started. Consider… View Article Read More

356体育 Solar Panels Installation in Cuero, TX
November 4

356体育 Solar Spec Check: Solar Maintenance Made Easy

Part of enjoying the benefits of solar power includes the responsibility of maintaining your system for maximum longevity. Luckily, 356体育 is here for you and… View Article Read More

Ductwork in Cuero, TX
October 24

356体育 Ductwork Services Optimizes HVAC Efficiency

Out of sight, out of mind is a common cliché that is based in truth in many cases. For many homeowners, one such instance is… View Article Read More